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Explaining Nasal Polyps And Symptoms

Nasal polyps are small growths that develop on the nasal passages and sinuses. These growths do not cause any pain and are noncancerous, but they can still create a lot of problems. Nasal polyps can develop at any age, but they are most commonly found in young adults. While no one knows the exact cause of these unwanted growths, they typically develop as a result of chronic inflammation and irritation in the sinuses. The irritation causes the mucus membrane in the nose and sinuses to swell, which creates the polyps. Nasal polyps will generally start off very small. These small growths are very hard to detect because they do not cause any serious symptoms. As the nasal passages and sinuses are exposed to more irritation, the growths will gradually get bigger over time. This is when the problematic symptoms start to appear. The most common symptoms of this medical condition are nasal congestion, nosebleeds, postnasal drip and a runny nose. You will also likely experience strong pains on the forehead and face.